68 L-79 Nova Registry

February 13th,2016

Craig Barnett is an original owner of a 68 L-79 Nova and will be added to the registry . He Bought it new a Courtesy Chevy in San Diego CA and put a 68 Z-28 carb and intake he got at the dealer. Like he said they should have done that at the factory. They probably wouldn't have sold any big blocks if they did it really makes it run!!! Check out the slideshow of his car!

January 10th ,2016

Brent Johnson is not messing around with his L-79. Engine is back together!! Cant wait to see this Nova back in Day 2 garb.

April 23rd, 2017

New addition to registry! Roy Morris ordered his new 68 L-79 Nova from D&J Chevy Olds in NB Canada

Barry Kackenhoff from Canada has 3 68 L-79 Novas !!!!! A Red , Ash Gold

and a Fathom Blue one. Pictures soon!

August 28th, 2016

Craig Barnett is finally driving his L-79!

December 6th 2015

Brent Johnson the Sherlock Holmes of the Musclecar world has found a 68 L-79 Nova that's been sitting since the 80's !!!!!!!! Originaly Red , original motor, trans and rear end. Story on it soon.

December 29th 2015

Brent Johnson is going full speed with his recent acquisition his Black(Red) 68 L-79! Already has the engine out and its being rebuilt . He is going back Day 2. Can't wait to see it come together.

December 27th 2015

Check out this 68 L-79 Nova


Mike Milti, Phillip from FLA and Jason Hale have owned this car.

December 13th,2015

Update on Chris Matte's Red 68 L-79 Nova.


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