68 Nova L-79 Registry

68 L-79 Nova Registry

3.  Craig Barnett      Santee, CA.


Vinyl top


Car was bought as a used car from Ed Rinke Chevrolet and was supposedly used by GM engineering before Grumpy

got it as per Jerry MacNeish. He was involved in the development of the L-79 engine.  

1. Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins       Malvern, PA

Vin - 114278W215410

Trim Tag


ST 68-11427     WRN ______  BODY

TR 733                                    PAINT

Bought new at Ed Rinke Chevrolet Co.

26125 Van Dyke Ave.

Center Line MI  

 on 3-11-68 by William T Jenkins

2. Chris Matte

Vin -114278W331441                                                 OPTIONS

Trim Tag                                                                       Tinted Glass

    05A                                                                            AM radio

ST 68-11427   WRN 68388   BODY                            Exterior chrome

TR 731                            R-R  PAINT                            Rally wheels

                                                                                       Deluxe interior


Jon Mello sold to Jeff LaTondress                             DATA

Jeff LaTondress sold to Chris Matte via E bay        Engine replaced 1988

                                                                                       Trans P8D26 M-20

                                                                                        Axle BU0501G2  3:73 Posi

 Process of being restored